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How to use Remove Background feature

Teeinblue provides an integration with 3rd-party services to automatically remove background of the photo customers upload.

We integrate with:
We're making FREE TO USE the remove background services of Removal.AI in Teeinblue. If you choose Removal.AI as your service, you can skip Step 1 and go direct to Step 2. This Free offer is only valid within 2022.

Check out their website to choose the suitable service for you.

This is a 3rd-party service so you'll need to create an account and subscribe to their plan.

Attention: Both services charge based on number of images used. Each time a customer uploads a photo, it'll count as one credit. So choose a plan that is suitable for your store's usage.

1. Connect API Key

After signing up one of the background remover above, you need to find the API key of your account in their service.
For, you can find API key in My dashboard page > API Keys > + New API Key

For removal.AI, you can find API key in My account page.

API key of removal.AI

After copying the API key, go to Teeinblue > Extras > General settings > Remove Background Service > choose the service you use > paste the API key

Paste API key to Teeinblue

2. For Free Removal.AI users

Go to Teeinblue > Extras > General settings > Remove Background Service > choose the option "Teeinblue X Removal.AI"

3. Enable Remove background in Artwork

Go to Artwork editor > edit an image layer
In Personalization Options, choose Upload photo
Enable toggle "Remove background of uploaded photo"

Enable feature in Artwork editor

Then on store, after customers upload a photo, the background of the photo will be removed.

Background is removed after photo uploaded

Photo must be JPG/PNG format, and size up to 12mb (limit from 3rd-party services). If your customers upload a photo bigger than 12mb, its background cannot be removed.

If your account in runs out of credits, then customers can still upload photo but no background removed.

There's no notifications from the background remover service when your account runs out of credits, so you should keep an eye on your credits.

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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