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Artwork Size

What is Artwork size?

Artwork size is the size of the area containing your design file.

How to set size for the Artwork?

When you create a new artwork, you need to set size for this artwork

Click New artwork button then a window appear and you will set size for this artwork.

You can set a Custom size or Import printarea size:

Option 1: Custom size

If you choose to set a custom size for your artwork, you need to fill in the width and height box. Then click Save.

Option 2: Import printarea size

After importing a product base to teeinblue, you will get all necessary information, including required printarea sizes, from the fulfillment providers.

You just need to choose a product base you imported, and select a print area size. Then click Save.

You can also edit the artwork size. Click on the pencil icon next to artwork name and size, then you will see the section to change width and height of the artwork.

How to choose suitable size for your artwork

When having orders, artwork will be scaled up/down to fit the printarea size. Because printarea size will be final size sent to fulfillment. Therefore, we suggest you to set Artwork size the same as Printarea size.

For example, if you sell mugs from Printful, the required printarea size is 2700px (width) x 1050px (height), then you should set the Artwork size exactly 2700 x 1050 px.
(Learn more about Set up artwork and printarea for mug.)

If your artwork size is different from printarea size, you can stil adjust how artwork fits in printarea with Locate artwork feature.

Size limit

Our app currently supports artwork size to upload maximum artwork in 12000x12000 pixel (recommended maximum size 8000x8000 pixel for stability).

For Artwork Layer: each artwork layer cannot exceed 128 megabytes (Mb) and 128 megapixels. (You can calculate megapixel by multiplying the height with the width of image. For example: an image is 3000x5000 px --> 15 megapixels)

Uploading an image which file size is bigger than 20MB will take a while for the preview of image to be fully loaded. For this case, please wait 2-5 minutes, then click on the Reload Button on the right corner to check if preview is loaded.

Please note that the total Artwork Size are different from the Artwork Layer. Although you can set the total Artwork Size to be 12000 x 12000 pixel, you cannot upload an Artwork Layer with the size of 12000 x 12000 pixel (144 megapixels), as it will exceed the size limitation (128 megapixels). In this case, the Artwork Layer should be 10000 x 10000 pixel, then you can drag-and-drop it to fit with the total Artwork Size.

For big products such as blanket, please read this article: How to add large size artwork for an order.

When displaying artwork on storefront, teeinblue will NOT show the original size of artwork and layers. The app sets a limit max width of each layers on storefront to optimize app speed and prevent thief.

Read more about: Artwork Advanced Settings & Limit Preview size.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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