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How to add large size artwork for an order

Currently, teeinblue can only support artwork size with maximum of 12.000x12.000 pixel (recommend 8000x8000px).

In case you need a size bigger than that, you can create artwork in a smaller size (eg. 5000x5000px) for preview purpose.

When having orders, the design generated in app will just be a demo for you to know what customers selected, and you will have to manually re-design the order in the original size in Photoshop. After re-designing, you can upload the final design to teeinblue again to send to fulfillment.

To re-upload order design, go to Order Details and click on Upload button under each design.

You can upload the new design in 2 ways:
Upload design file directly from computer (the image will be uploaded to teeinblue's server and have a URL from teeinblue)
Or, Upload from image URL (recommended since our server is limited file size to 32MB)

You can upload edited artwork on Shopify settings / Files to get an URL for the uploaded image.
After finishing, you can normally send orders to integrated fulfillment, or export order to CSV.

Updated on: 07/04/2021

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