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All about Campaign 2.0

In September 2021, we released a major update for the way teeinblue creates a Campaign, along with some new features.
This article will help you catch up faster with the update, from the reason we have this change, what is changed, to what you need to do.


The change was carefully considered, based on many users' feedback.
Overall, the main purposes of this change are:
To give users more freedom to sell different artworks in a campaign.
To support more seller cases, including selling products with multiple sizes (canvas, poster...).
To give users more power to decide the order design.


1. Select different Artworks for each Printareas

Select any artworks:

Add artwork → add product → select artwork for each printarea & could only select among the added artworks.
Could only add max 3 artworks.

Add product → Add artwork for each printareas.
Can select any artwork in Artworks list.
Maximum number of artworks can be added is equal to number of printareas.
An artwork can be added multiple times.

New campaign editor

Benefit from this change:
Less steps to create a campaign + More free to add artworks.

Personalization form changes according to the selected product base

Personalization form contained all personalization options from all artworks added to campaign.
All product bases in a campaign shared the same personalization form.

Can add different artworks in each product bases.
Personalization form depends on the artworks added to the product base.
Switching product bases will show different personalization form.

New campaign editor

Benefit from this change:
Can sell different designs for different product bases within a campaign.
Eg. Selling a "Dog" artwork on the Tshirt, and selling a "Cat" artwork on the Mug, within the same campaign.
If different product bases share the same artwork, personalization form is the same (what customers fill in the form will be saved when switching product bases).

Not show duplicate options from the same artworks

Adding the same artwork 2 times showed duplicate personalization options in personalization form.

If the same artwork is added to multiple printareas of a product base, personalization options from the same artwork only show once in the personalization form, not duplicated.

New campaign editor

Benefit from this change:
Can create a campaign with the same artwork on multiple printareas of a product base, the personalization form still shows fields from the same artwork once.
Eg. Selling a Garden Flag with the same artwork on front & back, and what customers fill in the personalization form will apply for both front & back side.

2. Render order design based on printarea, not artwork

Order design was rendered according to artwork. Number of artworks added to campaign decided number of order design.
eg. One artwork added, and linked to 2 printareas → 1 order design.

Order design is rendered according to printarea. Number of printareas, which contains an artwork, decides number of order design.
eg. 2 printareas selects the same artwork → 2 order design.
Printareas not having any artwork added will return no order design.

New campaign editor

Benefits from this change:
Render correct design files.
Can sell the same artwork for multiple printareas.
Eg. Selling a T-shirt with the same artwork on front & back.

3. Locate artwork position in printarea

Order design was created by placing artwork to the printarea.
Artwork fitted to printarea by scaling up or scaling down until it matched width or height of the printarea.
No part of artwork was cut off, so there might be some blank area if the artwork's ratio was different from printarea's.
This action was done automatically, users could not change it.

(same) Order design is still created by placing artwork to the printarea.
(same) By default, artwork still automatically fits to printarea by scaling up or down to match width or height.
Users have an editor to adjust how artwork places in printarea. Users can resize and reposition artwork to leave out no blank area.

Locate artwork position in printarea

This change will apply on mockup and order design.

Read detailed instruction: Locate Artwork

Benefit from this change:
Can decide the artwork position in order design
Can use the same artwork for multiple printareas having small difference in ratio, such as portrait poster 18x24 & 24x36...

4. Custom variant's printarea

Setup custom printarea for variants:

Default printareas were listed in Printareas section in Product Base.
If a variant has different printarea size, users need to create a custom printarea with different size, based on the default printareas.

All printareas, including default and custom, will be listed in Printareas section in Product Base.
Users will enable the "Custom variant's printarea" toggle when a product base has different printarea sizes for variants.
Users will connect a variant to a printarea by selecting a custom printarea in Variants table.

New custom variant's printarea

Personalization form & mockups depend on variant's printarea:

In campaign, users can add different artworks for each custom printarea. When a variant is selected, teeinblue will find what printarea is connected to that variant, and what artwork is added to that printarea. Then:
Depending on the selected variant, personalization form only shows fields from the artwork added to that variant's printarea.
Gallery only shows mockups sharing the same artwork.

Order design depends on variant's printarea:
When customers place an order with a variant, which is connecting to a printarea, there'll be only one order design generated based on the connected printarea.

Read detailed instruction here: Custom Variant's Printarea.

Benefits from this change:
Can sell multi-size products with different artwork ratio.

5. Update Product Base's Catalog

To work with the new Custom variant's, we have made a change for imported products. When you import a product, all of its printareas (which are required from fulfillment provider) will now be listed in Printareas section.

6. Better preview & UI/UX

To bring the most accurate preview as possible, "Step 2: Preview your campaign" are re-made to display the same as on storefront. Including: mockups, variant options, personalization form, description...
"Step 3: Configure Additional Information" is moved to "Edit campaign info". Click on the button to show the configuration to update Shopify product's info.
In Product Base's Variants table, need to enable "Custom variant's printarea" toggle to show "Connect custom printarea" column.
Add some notices and warning messages while setting up Campaign.
Restyle some components.


Nothing for the old campaigns:
All changes are applied automatically, you don't need to do anything to update to new version.
Old campaigns & orders are not affected. You might find some changes in portal, but they don't affect how your old campaigns are running and how the orders from the old campaign will be generated.

For new campaigns:
Make sure you read through all the updates in the "What changes" part above.
Import new product base when creating new campaign, should NOT edit old product base.
Add correct artwork to correct printarea. Printarea now decides order design, and printarea without an artwork will not be rendered.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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