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How to Fulfill orders from Campaign by Shopify products

Only for Campaign by Shopify products

Since the product is created in Shopify, Teeinblue cannot identify the print provider and cannot send the orders to fulfill.
There're some other ways to fulfill the orders having products created from "Campaign by Shopify products":

First, please make sure to enable the "Line item property" (or "Both Notes & Line item property") option in order for the provider app to read the custom order design in the Line item property:

1. For Shopify-product-integrated providers:

These providers have already integrated with Teeinblue in order to automatically read the orders and designs from Teeinblue.
You can install the provider app in Shopify > create a product from that app > add personalization in Teeinblue. Then when having an order, the provider app will automatically read the Teeinblue's design attached in the order item and fulfill it.

Read more instruction from the provider:

Some non-integrated print providers' apps might automatically fulfill all orders in Shopify and they might not read the custom design from Teeinblue. In this case, you should turn off the "Automatic fulfill" of the provider's app and upload the order manually.

You can ask your provider to read the line item property from Teeinblue for automatic fulfillment.

2. For others:

You can fulfill the orders manually with some other ways:
Export order to csv and import to the print provider's dashboard.
Download order design and create a manual order in the print provider's dashboard.
If you have your own fulfillment software, make sure to read the Line item property of Teeinblue to get the custom design's URL.

Note: Teeinblue's "Line item property" containing the custom design always starts with _tib_design_link

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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