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Personalize existing Shopify Products with Campaign by Shopify products

If you want to add personalization options directly to your existing Shopify Products, don't want to re-create the product in Product Base, you can use the "Campaign by Shopify products" type.

This is a new type of Campaign running separately. You can still use the traditional flow using Product Base in "Campaign by Product Base" as before with no changes.

When should you use Campaign by Shopify products?

Read the differences of 2 types of campaign and what you should use here: Differences between Campaign by Product Base vs by Shopify products

Summary: With this new flow, teeinblue will:**
Still show artworks and mockups on storefront.
Still generate design URL and attach to Shopify orders. See the following article for reference. Of course, you can still go inside the application to view your Orders as before.
NOT manage variants (no product base). All the product information (title, description, variants, tags...) will come from your existing Shopify Products.
NOT fulfill orders. You will need to fulfill by yourself or use other apps to read Shopify orders, because Teeinblue can't fulfill orders created from Campaign by Shopify products.

How to use Campaign by Shopify products

STEP 1. Select an existing Shopify Product

Navigate to Campaigns menu > by Shopify products > click +New Campaign button.

Creating a new Campaigns using your existing Product

If you have more than one store connected to the same Teeinblue account, you'll need to select a store first.

Selecting an Instance/Store

Click on + button > a popup will show up to select which existing Shopify Product (from the selected store) to add personalization to:

Select a Shopify product

You can't choose the products already created by Teeinblue (both by Campaign by Product base & by Shopify products). And the products must be Active, not in Draft.

In case you duplicate a product created by Teeinblue, you must delete the metafield "teeinblue.campaign_version" or "teeinblue.platform_product" in the new product to be able to select it.

Click Create button to create the campaign with the selected product.

STEP 2. Select an Artwork to add personalization options

In the Campaign editor, click on "Select artwork" > choose an artwork from the list:

After an artwork is selected, its personalization options will show up in the preview section:

Add more artworks if you need more designs.

By default (when the "Connect artworks with Shopify variants" toggle is disabled), the personalization form contains all options from all added artworks, and each artwork will generate a design when customers place an order.

STEP 3 (optional). Connect artworks with Shopify variants

If you want to add conditions to your artworks to only show when customers select some specific variants, please use the "Connect artworks with Shopify variants" feature.

Enable the "Connect artworks with Shopify variants'" toggle.

After the toggle is enabled, buttons to connect each artwork to the variants of the Shopify product will show up.

Click and select the variants which you want the artwork to only show up with.

When the toggle is enabled, it's required to connect all artworks to variants.

After all artworks are connected with their correct variants, an artwork and its personalization only show up when customers select its connected variants.

STEP 4. Upload Mockup Images

The mockup image is needed to show the Live Preview.

Click on "Upload mockup" button > a popup will show up to upload images

Upload your mockup, wait for a few seconds then click on "Reload" button to show the uploaded image, then click "Select"

Once you have uploaded your mockup image, continue to add the Artwork to it to show Live preview:

The Mockup editor here is similar as in Campaign by Product Base. The only difference is adding Artworks instead of Printareas. Learn more about: Mockup editor

STEP 5. Launch your Campaign

Once you are happy with the results, click on the Launch button to publish your campaign.

Then the Mockup and Personalization Form will show up on your Shopify product:

That's all.

After having orders from this campaign, you can see the orders in the "Orders" page in Teeinblue, or find it in Shopify Orders with a design URL attached.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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