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How to sell non-personalized products

In case you haven't noticed, teeinblue can help you to manage and sell both personalized, and non-personalized designs as well.

You can use teeinblue to place your design on product and publish to sell on storefront instantly.
No need Photoshop to set up mockup for each design
Print file is auto generated once order is placed

Therefore, if you haven't acknowledged this possibility, let's dig in initial steps to start selling your non-personalized design.

Tips: Click on each screenshot to see visual instruction better

Step 1: Set up non-personalized artwork

You can skip Cliparts page since artwork is non-personalized.

Similar to personalized products, you need to set up your artwork within teeinblue as well, in order to generate your final print file.

Now, go to Artworks, and create new artwork. Remember that the print-area we need to must be relative to the print-area size of product base. (Learn more about Artwork size)

In this instruction, we will use imported product Framed Art Print (1" frame) of Dreamship as an example. Because the print-are size of Framed Art Print (1" frame) is 2400x2400 px, so the artwork size should also equal to that size:

Now, let's moving on to setting up artwork layers:

Upload layers to artwork as normal
Since this product is non-personalized, make sure all your image layer is set at "No personalization":

(See more personalized options)

Also for text layer, disable "Allow personalized":

In case the font you need isn't available in app, you can upload text as an image layer.
After finishing setting up, save non-personalized artwork.

Step 2: Create product base

As other products, you need to use a product base within app. Thus, you would need to import product or add it manually in order to proceed the next steps. (Learn more about Creating product base)

Import product Framed Art Print (1" frame) of Dreamship
After product is imported, set up product mockup as normal (Learn how to set up mockup)

Step 3: Launch non-personalized campaign

For this step, create and launch your campaign as normal. (Learn more about Creating and launching a campaign)
Once your campaign is launched, it will be listed as a Shopify product.

On your store, customer will be able to add product to cart using our product page. In cart page, customization ID will still be stored like personalized products:

Step 4: Send non-personalized order to fulfill

After you receive order, order will be synced back to teeinblue as normal.

You will be able to see design and other order details in application just like personalized orders.

Then, you can send order to fulfill using integrated providers' connection or exporting order to CSV as normal.

Teeinblue still counts and charges orders of non-personalized products. You can check these order items in the Usage section as other products.

For instruction of fulfilling orders, please refer to this article.

Updated on: 18/08/2022

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